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Every sewing group operates differently. We invite anyone in our community who wishes to participate to do so. We have loose guidelines that are detailed on the organization page.

There needs to be a means of communicating with all members of the group. We have found sending out email to all of your group members with dates of meetings and reminders to be an easy way of communicating. This can easily be done with google groups or some other type of listserve. If you would like us to set this up for you, please contact us.

There are small groups around the world that sew tachrichim some are listed here while others are not. If you have a tachrichim group or are in the process of starting one and would like to have your group listed please let us know.

There are many ways of organizing your sewing group. First and foremost do something that is easy for your group both in action and maintainability. If you are looking for suggestions, here is how we organized our group.

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Congregation Beth David
Saratoga, California

Threads of Tradition at Congregation Beth David started in 2004 with the vision of 3 members who saw a need for the congregation to take care of its members at the time of their deaths. Rather than rely on others to supply burial garments, they realized that the women of the congregation could perform this mitzvah for those in their community, and in doing so, have the opportunity to deepen their own spiritual lives. The patterns  they created for the garments conform to halachic requirements, and are simple enough for those with basic sewing skills to produce. The garments are made out of plain muslin fabric, purchased by the bolt with donations to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.

Threads of Tradition meets to sew 2 or 3 times per year, as the need dictates. Typically, 8-10 women participate in each sewing session.

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